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Aerial Images

Question asked by Kdunk24 on Aug 12, 2015
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I am managing and updating an existing ArcPad system and layers. Field workers are currently using '07 imagery and I would like to deploy them with the most recent images I have in the gdb which is '13.

The '07 image is a .tif file which I'm guessing is a Geotiff and in my attempts to replicate such a file structure with the '13 images I cannot load them into ArcPad. I have the '13 saved as a 3 band raster dataset in a .sde database. I have tried a few different  workflows and settings for each all within ArcMap Desktop. These include: (1)Exporting the map in Data View, (2) right-click the raster layer and exporting the data, (3) geoprocessing with the copy raster tool.

They all run successfully and create .tif .tfw. .aux.xml .ovr files but when I open ArcPad on desktop I have not been able to open any of the tif images. I get either Error 8 or an Error 0.


Does anyone know what these errors mean?

How do I fix them?

Is there a better way to transferring my 3 band raster dataset into a tif so that it fits on an SD card and loaded into a netbook?


Obviously it should be implied but I'll make it a point that it needs to draw quickly when panned and be able to zoom in as much as possible and still keep as much detail as possible. I'm looking for a level where I can see houses, buildings, manholes, car tops, sidewalks. A loss in quality is expected of course but to make out these items as best as possible with a file size as small as possible.


Update: Exporting the map from dataview via File>Export Map ended up working as a tif file, despite several other failed attempts  with this same method.