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describe the size of a dataset

Question asked by lulferts on Jun 25, 2015
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ArcGIS shows the size of each Dataset and I want to use this sizes in Python.

so the first point is  I'm looking for a function that decribes the size of a featureclass inside my filegeodabase. ArcCatalog shows it in the Content.sizeInside_GDB_50proz.gif

I've serched inside the Decribe-Objects, but didn't found. Did I overlooked something?


Second point is  I'm looking for a function that describe wich files belongs for ArcGIS to a geodataset, so that i can summerize the sizes of each part.

For example the land.shp -Dataset consist of e.g  SHP, SHX, DBF-File. So,  initially glob.glob('land.*') seems to be the solution. But I've got also an archive or an Table land.csv inside the directory...

How can I consider geodata like ArcGIS do?


Thanks, Lothar