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Editable feature service, and query only feature service, in single offline Webmap?

Question asked by hamishmills on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by hamishmills

Hey Everyone,


I currently have a WebMap template that our users will be downloading and using as an offline collection map in the field (using collector of course). We are currently using a fully 10.3 environment (geodatabase, portal, server and webadaptors all 10.3), and we are using sde databases on SQL servers. Also using iPads with iOS 8.


This WebMap contains 2 separate feature services.

- One feature service, lets say Feature A, has all feature service options selected; Create, Delete, Query, Sync and Update are all ticked on.

- The second feature, Feature B, has only 2 options selected; Query and Update.


Now both Feature A and B are in a single map and the download to collector works fine no errors. Users can work offline, doing creates, deletes and updates on Feature A (Feature B is of course not editable but is just there to be queried). Now when the user comes to sync the map edits they get a Sync error "Sync Error. An error occurred while synchronizing edits. Requested operation is not supported by this service." From quite extensive testing it seems pretty obvious that this error is from Feature B not being editable. There does not seem to be any edits lost on Feature A so this is not really a major issue as we can just request users to ignore this error and their edits will still work. However, as you can imagine, from a users point of view this does not make our system look very reliable (even if it is).


Does anyone know of a way you can have an editable feature service with a query only feature service, in a single offline map, and not have a sync error when syncing back edits?