ArcGIS Pro 1.0.2:  675 MB Download to Address 5 Bugs

Discussion created by bixb0012 Champion on May 20, 2015
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Not sure how to comment on an announcement, so I am going with a new discussion thread instead.


ArcGIS Pro 1.0.2.  Was there even an ArcGIS Pro 1.0.1?  Ah, maybe counting by twos is the new hip thing or something....


On a more serious note, a full download?  675 MB to address how many bugs?  Oh yeah, 5 (ArcGIS Pro 1.0.2 Issues Addressed List).


It seems the ArcGIS Pro Flawed Update Strategy discussion this past winter was just chitchat.  I keep hearing incremental updates, i.e., not full downloads, are possible but where's the beef?  Why bother with a built-in updater if all it does is download the entire application in the background.


I can't wait until our users in rural offices start updating ArcGIS Pro over their T1s, that will be a fun experience for them, and all for 5 bugs.