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Export World Imagery for offline use

Question asked by whitneygoodell on Apr 16, 2015
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I am currently trying to export World Imagery for offline use, as I do not always have internet in the area I'm working. I would like to use the World Imagery (for Export) to create a tile package of my area of interest, a small coastal area of ~20 sq-km in South America. In all of my searching of the vast resources of the ESRI community, I have not yet succeeded to have an imagery file from which to work offline.


When I accessed the World Imagery (for Export) on the menu of ESRI tiled basemaps, and selected "Open for ArcGIS Desktop" from the Open pulldown menu, I was prompted to save as an ArcGIS Portal Item (.pitem), which I did. When I then double-clicked on the file to open it in Desktop, I got a spinning wheel cursor for a few seconds, and then... nothing. Nothing appeared in the map, nothing happened. The .pitem file (a format which I am not familiar with, pardon me) is not visible in the ArcMap Catalog.


If anyone could help me in the objective of creating and accessing an imagery file to be used offline as a basemap, I would really appreciate the help. It is the first step in carrying out my work, and I hope there is a solution!


Thank you!