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Integration of BIM and GIS (from ArcScene to Revit)

Question asked by yingyeung421 on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by BalqeesMohi34


I am doing a project related to integration of BIM and GIS and I successfully import the BIM (revit project) to shapefile in ArcScene.
But now, I do not know how to import the shapefile to Revit.

The following method I was tried but failed:

1. convert shapefiles to DWG format by "quick export" in "data interoperability" in ArcScene.

the result loading for more than 12 hours so I cancelled it.

2. convert shapefiles to CityGML by "quick export" in "data interoperability" in ArcScene.
then convert the CityGML to DWG format via FME data conveter

the DWG file was linked to Revit but the file cannot be loaded into Revit.


3. export shapefiles to CAD in ArcScene.

failed to execute in ArcScene. The result stated that the operation was attempting on an empty geometry.


4. convert shapefiles to IFC standard in FME data converter

The outputted IFC is only 2KB. No feature was imported and shown in Revit.


The shapefiles are many component of a building.

Any suggestions to import the shapefiles to Revit?
Thank you very much.