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Multiple Widget Controllers

Question asked by samdrummonddev on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by aish.12june

Hello All,


Has anyone attempted to create a theme with multiple widget controllers for the WAB 1.1.  I'm not sure if this functionality is fully implemented and supported.


I have a client who is looking to migrate an old stand alone template into a web app builder theme. This theme will blend aspects of both the foldable theme and the tab theme. Meaning that it will have some widgets controlled from the Header Widget and some from the tab container - please see attached wire frame.


I have copied the TabContainer and the Header container into my theme (with varying success - see Custom Theme - Style.css not applying ) and I can see them both appearing in the AppBuilder under the widgets tab (see attached Widgets Screenshot) - leading to believe that this has at least been partially implemented.  However, it appears that both controllers are attempting to manage the same widget pool - rather than each having their own.


I attempted to override the controlledWidgets property in the HeaderController.js (which is inherited from PoolMixinController.js) based a seeing I added to the HeaderController's config.json. This worked on the inital load in the HeaderController but is ignored by the AppBuilder - meaning that all widget configuration would probably need to be done in json files.


I'm wondering if I have simply missed a configuration parameter at a high level - say in the app.config? But I cannot see this anywhere in the documentation.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.