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How to calculate slope direction in Network?

Question asked by Andy_91 on Mar 10, 2015
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My goal is to calculate the fastest biking rout to school with network analyst. In the calculation I want to also include the cost of biking up/down a slope.

I think I have all the necessary information for each road segment

- Slope

- Z values

- A constant speed of 25 kph

- Meters

- Seconds it take to travel each segment


I also have FT_Seconds and TF_Seconds so that I could do Evaluator on the time when going up/down a slope.


The problem is that I don't know how to make the calculations for the FT/TF attributes, how do i calculate so that it knows the slope is Up or Down?


I had some ideas of when traveling, if the next road segments mean Z value was higher then the slope would be up. and vice versa for going down.


What and how will I write it in the field calculator?


I know there is threads of this before, but what I have found non explains how to do the calculations.