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AGOL one-to-many relate table/link not showing in app templates

Question asked by w_grunberg on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by DCRW_erica.tefft

I have successfully uploaded a one to many dataset (file geodb with city point feature layer, look-up table with multiple tree inventories per city, and a relationship class). I can access the related attributes in the Web Map window by clicking on a point and then clicking on on "Show Related Records" in the popup.


However, The "Show Related Records" link or table did not show up in any of the app templates I have tested (Basic Viewer, Information Lookup, Panel, and WebApp Builder apps). Only statistical summaries showed up in the popup which are not what I need. Two questions:


  1. How can I make related records (table) for a point show up in any of the web app templates (preferable the WebApp Builder - it's slick!)?
  2. How can I make the related records table open automatically when clicking on a point?