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Question About Specific Features for Different ArcGIS Products

Question asked by astrostu on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by astrostu

Hi Folks,


I've changed from an academic institution where ArcGIS was a relatively trivial price to a non-profit where we're faced with the full price.  I'm trying to figure out exactly which version I need to purchase, and though I've looked through the lengthy product matrix PDF (, it only helps so far as I know the exact terminology of what I do.  I'm going to list what I do and hopefully you can tell me what version I need.  I think it's pretty basic, but you never know ...


  • Create new project files (I know basic does this).
  • Create arbitrary map projections (e.g., custom parameters for a moon of Uranus).
  • Create shapefiles with my arbitrary projection.
  • Add different fields to the shapefiles.
  • Basic map display of shapefiles, vector and raster data.
  • Georeference images to my map (I know basic does this).
  • Use Streaming when Editing shapefiles to create custom polylines and polygons.
  • Basic map display customization (e.g., color ramp of raster data, adding legend and scale and N arrow in Layout view).
  • Able to export* the vertex points of shapefile polylines and polygons as a simple ASCII text file for use in other software.


*I use this feature all the time and is why when version 10 of ArcGIS came out, I couldn't use it, and have stuck with 9.3.1.  This feature was in ArcCatalog > ArcToolbox > Samples > Data Management > Features > Write Features to Text File ... .  I don't know if 10.3 has this capability because, as I said, I've stuck with 9.3 since I was unable to find this in 10.


Anyway, those are really all that I use ArcGIS for.  No advanced spatial analysis or fancy things like that.  Really just basic display, basic editing, basic export.  Is this something I could get away with a Basic license for?