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Hec Geo-Ras- Problem with XS OID 0

Question asked by Stonewall on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Meadmw


I'm a GIS novice, so I apologize in advance if my question has an obvious answer.  I looked around in the forums and saw somewhat similar discussions, but nothing that appeared to answer my question directly.


I'm attempting a revision to my older HEC-RAS model.  I'm going through the steps of updating my centerlines, banks, xscutlines, etc. in HEC-Geo-Ras (version 10.1) in ArcMap (version 10.1).  I did a test run of this in a very small area of my watershed, with successful results.


However, when I attempted to expand this to the entire watershed, I've run into a brick wall.  Specifically, when I attempt the command XS CUTLINE ATTRIBUTES-> STATIONING, I receive the following error message:


"Problem with XS OID 0

-2147220990, The index passed was not within the valid range."


Any ideas on what could be tripping this process up?  More specifically, do the terms "XS OID 0" and "-2147220990" have meaning to specific points in the watershed that area problems?


Thanks in advance,