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Network Analyst VRP 2 errors and solution without a route

Question asked by KarelK01 on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by michael_porter


I am trying to solve a vehicle routing problem and the Network Analyst shows two errors.

Error: "Failure while working with internal route problem instance"

Error: "A column was specified that does not exist."

After clicking solve the algorithm runs well. I have outputs in route properties, but there is no route on the map. I can see only the sequence of orders.


I found this thread here:

Network Analyst Bus Routing


And If I set the output shape to None, no error appears but still cannot see the route (only for "straight line" it connects the nodes according the sequence, but that has nothing to do with road network). In the attribute table there is "OK" for all fields in "Status" column and "Null" for all "ViolatedConstrains".


I am using Desktop Arc GIS 10.1

I welcome any help, recommendations or tips what to do or what these errors could mean.


Thank you.