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Question asked by sarge03 on Jan 24, 2015
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I am having an issue with the Arc Tool Box in Arc Map. I am currently taking ARC GIS as one of my courses for my Master's Degree and have been having an issue with it. Attached you will see the issue that I am having. On the images, the one on the left are instructions from our instructor that have been established to complete our exercises. On the right, is Arc Map and the area that I am currently stuck on. The instructions on the exercise (image on left) state to:


  • Open ArcToolbox by clicking the ArcToolbox symbol in the Standard Toolbar.
  • Navigate to the Data Management Tools>Projections and Transformations and double-click

        the Define Projection Tool.

  • Click the Browse button in the Define Projection window to open the Input Dataset or

        Feature Class window.


The last step, however, is where I'm having the issue. The "Browse Button" nor the "Coordinate System" button do not appear. The window is simply empty as you can see in the images. When I click "OK" I get an error message (See image 2) that states:


ERROR 000735: Input Dataset or Feature Class: Value is required

ERROR 00735: Coordinate System: Value is required


How do I fix this issue?