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Discussion created by gabore on Nov 9, 2011
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Hi all!
I started to use BingMaps in a WP7 app and I ran into some limitations that ArcGis map seems to solve.
However, I have a hard time understanding the spatialreference, WKID, and Geometry keywords.

I mean, to show a location on BingMaps all I needed was the longitude and Latitude
(map.SetView(geoCordinate, zoomLevel))

Now I put up an ArcGIS map instead of the bing map and try to figure out how to navigate correctly...
mapRestaurant.PanTo(new MapPoint(gc.Longitude, gc.Latitude)) 
does navigate to a wrong place, so does
mapRestaurant.PanTo(ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Bing.Transform.GeographicToWebMercator(new MapPoint(gc.Latitude, gc.Longitude, new SpatialReference(4326))));

This is confusing as I was searching through the forums but no examples were helping this in WP7.

Thanks in advance for answering my newbie post!