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Sybolizing features with multiple attributes

Question asked by dnagel on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by cpoynter
Hello All - I just can't figure out how to symbolize stream lines using two attributes, stream temperature and stream size. For example, if a stream is cold and small, it should be blue and thin. If a stream is warm and large, it should be red and thick.

I have looked at these posts, but they are not solving the problem.

ArcGIS version 10.0

I have a stream network shapefile. I have two attributes in the table, let's call them TEMPERATRE and SIZE.
TEMPERATURE and SIZE are continuous variables. Each stream segment has a unique value. There are 20,000+ stream segments.

I go to Layer Properties > Symbology > Multiple Attributes

I use Value Fields

I click Variation by Color Ramp
I choose value (attribute) TEMPERATURE
I set up a 5 class classification with the correct colors, blue to red

I click Variation by Symbol Size
I choose value (attribute) SIZE
I set up 5 sybmol sizes from .5 to 4

Everything looks good. But now if I go back to Variation by Color Ramp, the attribute SIZE is stuck in there rather than TEMPERATURE. My inputs don't seem to stick for the two different attributes, just one or the other.

Maybe a bigger problem is that I can't find anyway to display these colors and sizes that I've set up. When I hit Add All Values I get the default Color Scheme with all values, not the colors I set and not the classes I set. If I hit Add Values... I get an option to add values manually, but I've already set up what I want. The classes and symbology that I set never shows up in the map.

This dialog is driving me crazy. I can only guess that it only works under a "Categories > Unique Values" scenario and that the ability to classify values is simply not connected from the dialog box to the final output. Can anyone help set me straight?

Thank you - Dave