Using Layer 3D to Feature Class on generated layer inside model builder

Discussion created by Georg.Zweyer on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2014 by Georg.Zweyer
Hello everyone,

i try to generate multipatches from multiple rectangle polygons with z values using the "Layer 3D to Feature Class" tool. The layer containing the polygons was generated in the same model earlyer. The output is correct if i run the model inside modelbuilder with "add to display" turned on on the polygon layer, but not if not. Furthermore the output seems to be correct if the polygon layer was added to the display at least once. It does not have to be in the current scene. I guess the cause of this is, that the 3D properties of a layer, wich are used by "Layer 3D to Feature Class", are generated the first time it is displayed, not when it is generated.

Does anyone have some ideas how to overcome this?
Thanks for every answer.