Select by Attributes in Model Builder

Discussion created by katze01 on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by thanhtinhnguyen
Using ArcGIS 10 I am able to incorporate "Select by Attributes" directly into my model. I then want to process the selected features. "Select by Location" is working successful, but connecting it to the following tools (e.g. Dissolve/Eliminate,...) always gives this error message:

"Failed to execute, parameters are not valid. Error 000840. The value is not a feature layer."

The output shapefile is somehow a so-called "Table View/Raster Layer/Mosaic Layer", although the Input Layer of "Select by Attributes" is a Feature Layer.

How to deal with this? If I put "Make Feature Layer" or "Copy Features" between "Select by Attributes" and the following tool, I get the same error message (see above).

Thank you very much for any suggestions!