Bookmarks and Scale

Discussion created by neffets40 on Apr 14, 2011
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I published a map with bookmarks set at certain scales.  The reason for doing this is because when using the GPS Layer, you cannot access the Map Scale dropdown to go to a specific scale such as 500,000 which is the scale at which I've designated certain features and labels to turn on. 

The problem is that after publishing the map and opening it in ArcReader on a netbook - when I go to those preset bookmarks the scales do not come up the same as they were when I published the map.  If I click on the bookmark for 100,000, the map zooms to 150,639.  I'm assuming this is because the screen on the netbook is much smaller and ArcReader is trying to maintain an aspect ratio or something.  Does anyone know what is going on and if/how to fix it? Thanks.