error 1327 during installing ArcGIS Server 10

Discussion created by jlaroussi on Nov 22, 2010
I am in the process of installing ArcGIS 10 Server Workgroup on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP 2. I was able to go true screens: Select Features, and Python Destination Folder, but on ArcGIS Server Instance my installation terminate. I received an error: ???Error 1327: Invalid Drive c:\???. My local disc was defined as E: (and I am not allowed to change it) and I could see that on the first two screens installation was occurring on E: drive. I did not change default name of ArcGIS Server Instance: ArcGIS. I also checked all registry files ??? I do not have there any other drive than E:. I am wondering that maybe ArcGIS 10 Server is hard-coded to install only on C: drive and that is why I have this problem? Does anybody had similar issue and was able to fix it? Thanks for all advices!