Please help with errors - Failed to start Core Services

Discussion created by aparker1969 on Nov 5, 2010
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Installed ArcGIS Server 10 Java on RHEL5 server.  Everything went fine.  Even built a few test maps.  Other projects took priority and I shut down the server for a few weeks.  When I booted back up the test server and tried to log into the Manager.  I received the error "Incorrect login information". 

I ran the diagnostic tool (<ArcGIS Server Installation Directory>/scripts/Server_diag_tool) which provided the following.

[INDENT] DG027 - check process: mwrpcss                                        [FAILED] *
DG027 - check process: regss                                          [FAILED] *
DG027 - check process: watchdog                                       [FAILED] *
DG027 - check process: remotesa                                       [PASSED]
DG027 - check process: ns-slapd                                       [PASSED]
DG027 - check process: arcsom.exe                                     [FAILED] *
DG027 - check process: java -jar arcgis_manager                       [PASSED]
DG027 - check process: managerappserver                               [PASSED]
DG027 - check process: service/derby/lib/derby.jar                    [PASSED]
DG027 - check process: Xvfb                                           [PASSED]
DG001 - check /etc/hosts: has entry for localhost                     [PASSED]
DG002 - check /etc/hosts: localhost =                       [PASSED]
DG003 - check /etc/hosts: has entry for saturn.nmt.edu                [PASSED]
DG004 - check /etc/hosts: saturn.nmt.edu !=                 [PASSED]
DG043 - check /etc/hosts: IP address is correct          [PASSED]
DG005 - check /etc/passwd: user agsadmin                              [PASSED]
DG005 - check /etc/passwd: user agsuser                               [PASSED]
DG006 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/: owner                          [PASSED]
DG007 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/: permissions                    [PASSED]
DG008 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/: has space                      [PASSED]
DG009 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/servercore/tmp/mw: exists        [PASSED]
DG010 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/servercore/tmp/mw: is writable   [PASSED]
DG011 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/servercore/tmp/mw: has space     [PASSED]
DG012 - check /etc/remotesa: owner                                    [PASSED]
DG013 - check /etc/remotesa: permissions                              [PASSED]
DG012 - check /etc/remotesa/remotesa.config: owner                    [PASSED]
DG013 - check /etc/remotesa/remotesa.config: permissions              [PASSED]
DG016 - check Registry for ESRI\ArcServer                             [FAILED] *
DG016 - check Registry for ESRI\ArcServer                             [FAILED] *
DG018 - check Core Services: is running                               [FAILED] *
DG019 - check Core Services: RPC Port                                 [PASSED]
DG020 - check Core Services: Enterprise mode                          [PASSED]
DG021 - check Core Services: Administrator                            [PASSED]
DG022 - check Security: Type                                          [FAILED] *
DG023 - check Security: Port                                          [FAILED] *
DG024 - check Security: Domain                                        [FAILED] *
DG025 - check Security: DomainServer                                  [FAILED] *
DG026 - check Security: DomainServerSecondary                         [FAILED] *
DG048 - Solaris only - check the value of the max-descriptors         [N/A]
DG028 - check LDAP server: is listening                               [PASSED]
DG049 - check if saturn.nmt.edu is a valid SOM machine                [PASSED]
DG044 - check locale: Server locale matches environment locale        [FAILED] *
DG039 - check LDAP server: password storage scheme                    [PASSED]
DG040 - check LDAP server: password validity                          [PASSED]
DG029 - check permissions: arcsom.exe                                 [FAILED] *
DG030 - check permissions: arcsom.init                                [PASSED]
DG031 - check permissions: arcsoc.exe                                 [FAILED] *
DG032 - check permissions: arcsoc.init                                [PASSED]
DG033 - check User Mappings                                           [PASSED]
DG034 - check User Mappings permissions                               [PASSED]
DG041 - check if server configuration file(Server.dat) exists         [PASSED]
DG042 - check if security store config file(security.xml) exists      [PASSED]
DG015 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/server/serverdir/arcgiscache     [PASSED]
DG015 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/server/serverdir/arcgisindex     [PASSED]
DG015 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/server/serverdir/arcgisjobs      [PASSED]
DG045 - check if /opt/arcgis/server10.0/server/serverdir/arcgisjobs exceeds 30 characters[WARNING] !
DG015 - check /opt/arcgis/server10.0/server/serverdir/arcgisoutput    [PASSED]
DG036 - check SOC host saturn.nmt.edu: is reachable                   [PASSED]
DG037 - check SOC host saturn.nmt.edu: is running                     [FAILED] *
DG038 - check if port 8621 is listening                               [PASSED]
DG046 - Solaris version must be more recent than Solaris 10 8/07 update 5[N/A]
DG047 - Solaris must have Xvfb installed                              [N/A]

saturn.nmt.edu : ( 16 Failures, 1 Warnings, 3 N/A )

--1 of 1 machine(s)--

For more information about the diagnostics, please refer to ArcGIS Server web-based help:
or use the ArcGIS Server Manager Help

So I ran ServerConfig that gave me the following:
[INDENT]Beginning Task: Initializing..
   ERROR: Enterprise Core Services failed to start.
   Please check summary log file /opt/arcgis/server10.0/.Setup/configuration.log.  Detailed log files can be found at /opt/arcgis/server10.0/logs/Setup/configuration_logs.

Configuration did not complete successfully!!!

The output from the configuration.log is:[INDENT]
    Performing Initialization checks
    Performing Initialization checks
    Script owner check passed
    Script owner check passed
    Starting Enterprise Core Services..
    Starting Enterprise Core Services..
   ERROR: Enterprise Core Services failed to start.

The output from init.log is:
[INDENT]Failed to start Core Services: No permissions.[/INDENT]

And this is where I am stuck.  What is the next process?  Reinstall ArcServer?  Or is there a fix for this?  I want to try to fix this so I will know what to do if it happens again.