Editing/Selection of features/Disapearing Features

Discussion created by apihlaja on Sep 24, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by leygraves
Hi All
I am using ArcGIS10 Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine (more than passes the minimum requirements), with an ArcView license.
When I am editing in ArcMap, some of the features that I can clearly see on the screen are not selectable, even though they are set as selectable in the selectable layers. Just wondering why this is. All of our features are stored in feature datasets inside of a file geodatabase. It's funny because I have a building layer, symbolized based on a field in the attribute table, and I can only select one or two of the buildings, both when editing and not. One minute this happens, and the next, everything is alright.
Another problem that I have is features that are disappearing at certain scales. I do not have any reference scales set, they just are not there. Sometimes when I zoom out, they pop back up, right where they are supposed to be.
Another problem... When I export a map, everything looks good in the ArcMap window, but once the export is complete (to a jpeg), some features are missing.
I think everything is related somehow, but I'm not sure. Everything seems to be problematic with the layers being visible/selectable or not.
Any help would be appreciated.