Collector - Geofencing

Idea created by dhunink on Nov 11, 2014

    Geofencing is already possible in several API's, which is great. Therefore it shouldn't be to hard to make Geofencing also possible within the ArcGIS App.

    Personaly I use the Collector app a lot with students (ages 10 - 18) during field trips. It's amazing and they love it, makes field trips so much more fun then walking around with old-skool textbooks in the field.
    The Collector app is so much better, so much more stable and so much more feature-rich compared to other software options. 
    Adding Geofencing to the Collector App would make it so much more powerfull, it would allow me to configure certain points that can only be accessed when students are near. In addition, it would be safer and save batery life if students would not be required to look at there phonescreens all the time but recieve a alert, triggered by geofencing, when their near a certain point.

    I do realize that my why of using the app isn't the one the app had been designed for. Whoever, I do believe lot's of proffesionals would encounter lot's of situations in which geofencing would be very powerfull in completeing their every day work!