User Control of the Go to XY tool's Zoom To button default scale

Idea created by rfairhur24 on Nov 9, 2014
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    The Zoom To button of the Go to XY tool always uses the same predefined default scale with no option that lets the user change its behavior.  Nobody I know has ever wanted to use the default scale that the Zoom To tool uses (1:51,381 in State Plane coordinates), so it is worse than useless without user control of the default scale.

    Users are used to using the Zoom To tool when they chose a feature to change the location shown in the data frame, because every other tool lets them control the scale it uses with either the Date Frame properties or the layer scale properties.  For example, in a layer's table view context menu the top choice is Zoom To and the default behavior of double clicking a feature in the table view is to use the Zoom To behavior.  The user can control the defualt scale of this tool by changing the layer's "Don't show layer when zoomed:" settings.  This is so ingrained in users that no one ever writes the question on the forum "How can I pan to my feature?" they always write "How can I zoom to my feature?"

    While the Pan To tool maintains the current scale set by the user and is the default behavior of the Go To XY tool when the user presses the enter key after changing the coordinates of the tool, the current tool behaviors only support a very narrow range of workflow options related to scale.  Most users have to keep zooming out to get coordinates they want from the Identify tool to enter into the Go to XY tool, but when they press enter they want the coordinate centered at a scale that is more zoomed in.  however, no one ever conciously chose a scale of 1:51,381.

    I suggest one of two options to let the user make the Zoom To button actually useful within the Go to XY tool.  My preference is to have access to a Zoom To scale setting number box directly available through the Go To XY toolbar itself and have my scale preference permanently remembered by the tool until I want to change that setting.  This could be done by adding a scale control number entry tool as shown below, that initializes with the stupid 1:51,381 scale setting, but that lets the user override it anytime they want directly within the tool:


    Alternatively, the dropdown options of the tool that let the user choose the coordinate setting defaults of the tool could be extended to give the option to modify the Zoom Scale Default...  as shown below.  This could bring up a dialog where the user could set the scale they wanted the tool to permanently use for the Zoom To button rather than the stupid 1:51,381 scale the tool currently uses by default:


    The first option is more preferable in my view, because it lets me quickly see what to expect anytime I press the Zoom To button, but if that option is considered confusing than the second option should be acceptable.  In any case, anything the user chooses is better than a Zoom To button that uses a scale of 1:51,381.  That scale is useless.