Minimum Bounding Geometry tool: additional measurements for ENVELOPE

Idea created by 1_hennermann on Nov 5, 2014
    • 1_hennermann
    Currently the tool can add measurements to the attribute table, for ENVELOPE, these are
    • MBG_Width—The length of the shorter side of the resulting rectangle.
    • MBG_Length—The length of the longer side of the resulting rectangle.
    Two improvements:
    1. Width and Length is pretty useless unless we know their orientation - is the longer side the East-West one or the North-South one? So it would be better to have MBG_Width / MBG_Length plus an orientation indicator field,or replace them altogether with MBG_E-W and MBG_N-S fields.
    2. Width and Length are ok, but IMO more useful would be tyo get XMin, XMax, YMin, YMax, XCentroid and YCentroid. Can these be added?