Improve Find function in Desktop by adding favorite searches

Idea created by lygismav on Nov 4, 2014
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    The find function in ArcGIS Desktop is quite powerful, but also a pain to work with.  By default the find function will find anything in an mxd.  This can be quite slow if we have complicated documents.  To improve search performance we have to populate the In: box with the correct layer, and sometimes the In field to search the right field.  The layer and field selections clear each time we close our MXD.

    When I work with an map, I usually use only a couple different searches.  For example, I might use a Parcel Name Search, a Parcel PIN Search, and an Address Point House Number Search.

    It would be useful if there was a "favorite searches" tab so that we could keep the settings for the searches that we use most often.
    In addition, it would also be useful if ArcGIS kept our search setting selections between sessions.


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