Feature layer attribute settings for pop-up visibility and editability should be independent

Idea created by TWSAdmin on Nov 3, 2014
    • shawjs
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    When configuring a web map in ArcGIS Online that uses an editable feature layer, in the pop-up configureation section you have checkboxes for choosing which attributes to display and other checkboxes for choosing which attributes to make editable.  I would like these to behave independently.  Currently, if you set an attribute not to display in the popup, it doesn't appear in the edit window either, even though it is set for editing.  Specifically, I want an attribute to display in the title space of a popup but not be duplicated in the attribute list below, so I add the attribute to the title and uncheck its Display checkbox in the attribute list specification area.  But I still want to allow that attribute to be edited.  The problem is that it doesn't appear in the edit window unless its Display checkbox is checked.