Data Across Administrative Boundaries - BAO

Idea created by Jmeckhardt1 on Oct 30, 2014
    • Jmeckhardt1
    I would like to suggest that Business Analyst Online allow for a user to have access to all sites, regardless of the country the site was created in for any country selected.  Currently, sites that cross country boundaries can not be accessed when the data region is changed. 

    We use the online version of Business Analyst for cost reasons.  The interface will allow for the creation of a drivetime (or ring or polygon) that crosses country boundaries, but there is no way to pull data for the second (or third or forth) country.  When I switch the country so I can pull the data, I no longer have access to my sites for the first country nor can I re-create the site in the new country. 

    For example, If I run a 240 minute drivetime out of Detroit (extends into Canada), I can get all the US data no problem.  But when I change the country to Canada to pull the appropriate data, I can't get to my previously created drivetime site.  I can not create a new site because the address is in the US, not Canada.  I have no way to pull the data for the Canadian portion of the drivetime.  This process is even more evident when working with European countries.  I understand that the drivetime function is not projecting any slow-downs because of Customs and I am fine with that.  I also understand why the user has to switch countries to get to additional data (it has to do with field names, data availability, not because they necessarily because they are trying to charge more), but I still need to get to the other data.  If this feature is not offered, this is a dealbreaker for me.  When run from Amsterdam, the drivetime will cross 4 to 5 different countries.  Also, being a small company, we don't have the resources to buy Network Analyst, clean up the free street networks (or buy clean street networks) and upload the drivetime shapefile in each country when the drivetime crosses 5 countries.