Make ArcGIS Online Group-building easier

Idea created by GretaFinney on Oct 29, 2014
    • GretaFinney

    Issue 1 : Building an ArcGIS Online Group can be time-consuming. Search by user name performed in the GROUPS tab, however null results might be due to spelling or because the individual targeted in the search is not yet a user.  
    Issue 2:
    Invitations are done in the GROUPS tab, but determining whether a stakeholder has a user name is established in the MY ORGANIZATION tab. Invitations cannot be made from the MY ORGANIZATION tab.
    My Solutions for both issues:

    Idea 1: As part of the Action drop-down menu (cog icon), include an Invite User to Group command. This command would open a list of your own Groups - and would give you the ability to pick from that list)
    Idea 2: Provide an Invitation command at the top along with radio buttons next to the User Name, in order to select multiple users.