Usage of Encircled Alpha Numeric Symbols

Idea created by tcosmas on Oct 28, 2014
    • jbmason1
    • tcosmas
    While trying to label a set of points on a map in ArcGIS Explorer with alpha characters (A, B, I, R, and T), the only symbol set which seemed appropriate was the "A-Z" set. But we wanted Blue, Green, Yellow and Red colors to represent four possible statuses for the facilities. Therefore, we would have to use two sysmbols and superimpose them. This was NOT very satisfactory.

    So, I used a code page showing the Unicode characters which are encircled letters. I made transparent PNGs for each letter and uplosded them to our web site. Then, I superimposed them on the "Shapes" symbols to get the appropriate color based on the "Status" field in the table.

    It seems that the encircled alpha numeric symbols with a transparent background would be very useful to other users. So, I am posting this idea here to garner support for other users to convince ESRI to add such a symbol set to their products.

    Tom Cosmas