Add spellchecker to ArcCatalog to correct spelling and either allow or remove special characters

Idea created by cjohns4 on Oct 27, 2014

    The metadata editor in ArcCatalog should have the ability to spellcheck on the fly.  This has been needed for many versions.  This function should also have the ability to allow special characters (such as quotes or copyright characters) which may have been pasted into the document after spellchecking using a third party spellchecker such as MS Word spellchecker.  Currently, if a special character gets entered into the metadata editor in ArcCatalog, it will only give an error message "Invalid Byte" when trying to upload it into SDE (SQL Server database Connection).  This means that each entry field has to be checked for the invalid character(s), which could take hours.  If the metadata editor can't allow special characters it should at least trap them so that they are easier to find or eliminate them all together. This is so a third party spellchecker could be used if ESRI does not have plans to implement a spell checker in the Metadata Editor in ArcCatalog. The lack of a spellchecker is a big impediment to people considering creating and maintaining metadata.