Organization administrator can Enable Esri Access for all org members

Idea created by ahoff on Oct 22, 2014
    Partially Implemented

    Currently AcGIS Online Organization administrators have to "Enable Esri Access" before an organization member can  use their login to

    1. contribute in GeoNet
    2. take any Esri Virtual Campus courses (even free ones that are available to all Public accounts).

    The administrator has to

    1. individually enable each user.
    2. Wait for new members *(with a preassigned username and password) to login in before Enable Esri Access is a selectable option.

    I have an idea that I think would facilitate use of GeoNet and Esri Virtual Campus courses by new org users and save administrators from tracking when organization members initially sign in so their Esri Access can be Enabled.
    Proposed Solution:
    Provide an option for the Organiztion administrator to Enable Esri Access for all organization members, including those who have not signed in yet.