Create symbol and label classes from selection

Idea created by mmenzel on Oct 21, 2014
    • mmenzel
    Currently there are many great things to do with a selection like make a new layer from it.

    What I want to do quite often is to make a selection and create a new class for my symbology or for my labeling based on this selection. This will allow a user to create a layer that si symbolised across many types of values on many fields, basically anything you can query in an attribute or location query can get made into a new class.
    The ability to do this will also help prevent giant TOC layer lists and help users with only basic SQL skills get the symbology they want.

    Example 1:
    A user is making a map and wants to emphasize (bold a label or thicken an outline) some important features within a layer but not make a new legend item or alter the schema of the data.

    Example 2:
    A user is testing different queries and wants to compare results within a single layer as they already have a large amount of data in the map/TOC

    Example 3:
    The current symbology options do not allow for a complex enough query to get the desired class of features e.g. values from across 6 fields like soil classes