Debug Python Add-Ins with Breakpoints

Idea created by cndnflyr on Oct 16, 2014
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    I really want to be able to add breakpoints into a Python Add-In for debuggin purposes.  Being able to look around at the variable values and see what's going on would save sooooooo much time.  As it is, this can only be done with print statements in the code.  But when you don't know what is going wrong, it's really hard to write a print statement that will tell you what you need to know without some experimentation.  Every time a statement is changed, there is a 3-4 minute process of
     - compile the add-in,
     - install the add-in,
     - close Arc,
     - reopoen Arc,
     - run the add-in,
     - realize you misspelled the variable name,
     - repeat...
    Please find a way to use breakpoints in Python Add-ins!