Include requests module with ArcGIS Desktop's Python Install

Idea created by achapkowski-esristaff Employee on Oct 15, 2014
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    Python is the language of choice for scripting, and many clients do not allow 3rd party modules to be installed beyond the ArcGIS Desktop install.  We already package up tools to read and write excel file, and now requests should be included in that package.  With ArcGIS Pro using Python 3.4 and Desktop still on 2.7, it would be nice to have a standardize package to make REST API calls to perform operations on AGOL and AGS using python.  The request modules makes these opeartions easy and it already supports a large variety of authentication like digest, user/pw, ntlm, etc... 

    It's must have for any Esri user and for anyone wanting to use the REST Apis.