Improve layer search in AGOL

Idea created by ermintrude75 on Oct 13, 2014
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    I'm trying to put together student exercises using publicly-available data in AGOL (Search For Layers > ArcGIS Online). I'm at the stage of looking for useful/interesting datasets, and while there is undoubtedly a wealth of content available searching it is frustrating to find anything useful with a single keyword search. An advanced search capability would be extremely helpful to users in education who are focused less on creating their own data and more on integrating data from others to explore geography topics.

    For example, I would like to be able to:
    • Search by contributor name, or click within other search results to see more by the same contributor (or possibly the same contributor's organisation). At present this takes several clicks and hijacks the map's browser tab.
    • Restrict the search results by layer type, such as to only return layers that can be used in analysis.
    • Restrict by geographic area, properly. The tick box in the existing search for "within map area" does not give reliable results (maybe some non-global data have been set up/saved with global extents?). Either this fault needs to be addressed or another way to determine coverage is needed (e.g. searchable tags). Clicking to see the thumbnail is time consuming when search results are numerous - proper filtering is needed.
    This would support greater educational use of AGOL.