Linked Annotations

Idea created by esrijhg on Oct 10, 2014

    Often I encounter difficulty getting labels placed in a way that is cartegraphically appropriate.  I have several maps with stacked labels and they can get a little blockey.  The issue I come accross is conflicts in placement.  No matter how I manipulate the conflict settings, some labels just don't post correctly.  My nuclear option is to convert Labels to Annotations, but then the label information is static... no longer dynamically linked to the attribute table.  I go through all the work to place them properly and when the inforamtion changes in the attribute table and then they have to be manually edited one by one.   

    I would like to see Annotations that maintain their dynamic link to the attribute table... "Smart Annotations."  These annotations should have the ability to be moved around, as they currently can, but are still updated as the attribute informtion changes.  Perhaps this can be maintained by creating a centroid for the annotations that are linked to the attribute table as long as they are snapped to the centroid of the spatial object they were created from?