Implementing sticky move tolerance editing in Flexviewer

Idea created by Pedro1971 on Sep 22, 2014
    Not in Current Product Plan
    • Pedro1971
    I would like  Flexviewer implements the sticky move tolerance for Edit widget (as it does in Desktop), because it's very easy to introduce accidentally errors  when you're editing.

    Note from Esri:
    • While applications based on either the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex or Silverlight will continue to work and be supported, we strongly encourage that all new Apps are built with the new Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS which is included at no additional cost with both ArcGIS Online and the Portal for ArcGIS Extension of ArcGIS for Server.
    • Developers are encouraged to start all new development against the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
    • For additional information in our Support plans for Silverlight and Flex based applications and APIs, please refer to this announcement.