Allow a public user to join a private group authorized by Organization Administrator

Idea created by arissara.m on Sep 22, 2014
    Not in Current Product Plan
    Why don't we allow the public user to join the private group created by an organization?


    I understand that user with public account does not have an authorization to join the organizational group unlike a subscription or developer account. In some case, the organization needs the channel to be accessed by an amount of specific users out there. ArcGIS Online is almost appropriate but the public users could not join the group created by organization. It seems does not make any sense when we have the invitation security system we have to approve the request before someone join the group.
    Why a public account instead of a developer one?
    In many case, our target member are no longer developers but users. It looks strange that lots of member register as developer account just only to view the same map as the others. Moreover, to register an account, the public  is less complicated than the developer.
    It would be a gerat channel for public users to access our maps more easily and quickly. Without a complex registration to deal with, in the case we need, our target public users could explore the maps conveniently. So why don't we allow a public user to join the private group authorized by Administrator?