Creating Borehole trace

Idea created by spiderman1971 on Sep 19, 2014
    • spiderman1971
    It would be nice to have the functionality of creating the path of drilled boreholes. 

    Currently doing this using another software. It seems like an easy thing to do with some programming skills.
    Usually borehole logs contain :
    the location x,y,z
    eg. 500E, 500N, 345m

    then a seperate table containing the azimuth, dip and distance
    45 degrees, -80, 300m
    57 degrees, -57, 124m
    48 degrees, -52, 90m

    The tool "Creating lines based off azimuth and distance" does not work because I only have the starting point, i don't have the coordinates of the next point. The azimuth, dip and distance tells me where the next point is and with some trigonometry, we can determine the elevation.