Fix pop-up order in ArcGIS Online to deliver pop-up results for topmost layer first

Idea created by 1_opmgis on Sep 19, 2014

    This idea has been merged with ArcGIS Online - Order Popups same as Legend.

    When using ArcGIS Online, if you click on a point on the map where two or more layers have overlapping features in the map display, the pop-up sometimes displays info for a layer underneath the topmost layer.  For example, if layer A overlaps layer B in the table of contents, the pop-up will appear for the feature of layer B first, even though the user is clicking on a feature of layer A (the top-most layer).

    It is my understanding that this is because the pop-ups are presented in the order they are retrieved from the server?  We would like the pop-ups to be presented in the order they are displayed in the table of contents (i.e. clicking on layer A delivers a pop-up for layer A).  This is a simple fix that would solve a lot of confusion for the public when they view our maps.  I am sure many other users have run into this issue.

    Thank you!