ArcGIS Server to return non UTC dates in mapservice REST endpoints

Idea created by brcgis on Sep 16, 2014
    Hi Everyone,

    I initially logged this with ESRI AU support and even though they said that they had other customers with similar issues, the only resolution was for me to log the issue here as a "requested enhancement".

    Here is the issue.

    We have data in a sqlserver/ArcSDE database that has a datetime field that does not contain a timezone.
    In ArcGIS Catalogue it displays correctly

    And you can select within the data ranges ok in Desktop

    But when a mapservice is published containing the data it is returned via the rest endpoint as milliseconds relative to a timezone – UTC 0. So when you convert the milliseconds to the a date it returns the wrong date and time as it is adding the timezone of the local data ie +10hrs
    Which is the incorrect date in the above example.

    There should be a way to publish a mapservice so that when the date/time field is returned, the timezone offset is not added to the raw database value.  We need the data as per what is stored in the database.  The data is stored in the database as local time so it essentially has the offset already included and then the mapservice is adding an additional offset.

    There should be a mapserver option for dates to be publised in local time or UTC.