ESRI should release a patch to allow 10.2.1 users with a Basic license to use Alter Field tool

Idea created by Hornbydd on Sep 15, 2014
    • Hornbydd
    • johnmdye
    • kreuzrsk
    • rgrichards
    I recently upgraded my version of ArcMap to 10.2.1 for which I have a basic license. Exploring the new tools and functionality that this upgrade brought I discovered that the Alter Field tool was unavailable. A thread on geonet is discussed here.

    It appears that it is fixed in 10.2.2. Seems a bit unfair to have it explicity state in the Help that its available but it is not if you have 10.2.1! So my idea is for ESRI to fix and release a patch that allows us 10.2.1 to take advantage of this new tool.