ArcGIS Collector Using Ipad camera for scanning bar codes

Idea created by rjmway on Sep 10, 2014

    Integrate the built-in Ipad camera with ArcGIS Collector to scan bar codes in the field. Currently, only external scanners are integrated with Collector for scanning bar codes. 
    We are looking to track fixed assets in the field but wanted to use the camera in the Ipad to scan the bar codes.


    Also: Currently, the external scanner populates a text box within an open point in Collector. We would like the ability to scan an asset in the field--after the bar codes have been scanned into the Collector text box initially--to open that point in Collector. Ex: Walk up to an asset, scan the bar code with the Ipad camera and the point for that asset opens in Collector, which the user can then enter/edit data for the asset  (the condition, etc)