Sum Weighted Features when using Standard Distance and/or Directional Distribution

Idea created by at8808_1 on Sep 4, 2014
    • at8808_1
    • rchasan
    When using the Standard Distance or Directional Distribution (Standard Deviational Ellipse) tools, there is an option to weight features. This is a useful option but could be taken a step further if the output contained a sum of the weights for the features the output contains. For example, if I were to have my features weighted by population the output would tell me the total population that fell within the output circle/ellipse. That way I could compare to the study area's total population and find out what percentage of my total study area population is within the circle/ellipse. Right now I am having to do this all manually by using the select by location and statistics window in the table. This is especially time consuming when I set a case field and have multiple circle/ellipses from one table. I have found that using one standard deviation does not usually return 68 percent of the features and this add on would help to identify the correct percentages to use when presenting the results.