Select All / Unselect All Target Layers from Select By Location UI

Idea created by craigcarps on Sep 3, 2014
    • craigcarps
    • michellek39
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    • rfairhur24
    • rchasan
    When doing a select by location the user selects the relevant target layers to apply the selection to.

    However when re-using the tool, previously selected target layers remain selected. This can lead to accidental selections and unnecessry processing.

    For large MXD's the list can become long and it can be painful searching through the list to ensure only relevant target layers are selected.

    It would be great if the Select By Location user interface (UI) in ArcMap could include an "Unselect All" and "Select All" to make the job of unselecting previous target layers reliable and quick and easy. Additionally if a "Select All" was included that could be handy to.