Alter a map service at runtime

Idea created by softwhere on Sep 2, 2014
    • softwhere
    • fcbassongis
    • basileChandesris
    With each map request, I would like to alter the map definition according to the user that requested the map.

    Here's the use case:
    Each feature class contains data for all locations, but a user is only authorized to view some locations. In other words, each user may view a subset of the data defined by a definition expression based on the authorized locations.

    Currently, the only solution is to create a separate map service for each location or combination of locations and assign the users permitted to view that. This means creating 200+ map services.

    Creating the definition expression in the application layer would require custom programming and the user would always be able to bypass the application and see all locations in the rest endpoint for the map service.

    An SOE can not be used to reproduce the MapService/exportMap functionality since the client apis will not know about the custom function - the api will always callexportMap.