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Idea created by on Sep 1, 2014
    For those that are truely dedicated to their craft, having the ability to use your software to build a complete planet from scratch would be awesome.  my application is a novel and I am trying to develop an earth like planet, but I can't find anyone that has gone so far as giving you the ability to adjust the size of the planet, as i want mine to be a little smaller.  Ideal i would then like the computer to adjust the gps grid due to the new confinements.  from there i would like to build landmasses from scratch using something I have developed in illustrator and have it to scale so i can zoom into different areas where i need higher detail.  Basically the closest thing to real life and i can get for the full world.  I see ArcGIS as having the ability to make this happen with present technology, it would just be a matter of allowing changes to the foundation of the program that are set based on Earth.