Update ArcGIS Document Defragmenter - Better GUI - Drag 'n' Drop

Idea created by sarahjwillett on Aug 29, 2014
    When using ArcGIS Document Defragmenter option Single file, Windows Explorer pops up and allows the user to copy and paste the exact location of their file, eliminating excess clicking as they dig through the network flat file structure. See image below 


    When using the defragmenter option Folder
     or Folder and all subfolders, the "Browser for Folder Option" window pops up that makes the user have to dig down through the flat file folder structure to the correct one instead of a simple copy and paste as the option above.


    I would hope to see a simple update to the GUI that will save me from all the excess clicking and future carpal tunnel syndrome. Please consider a drag 'n' drop or some easier way to run this tool.