better print samples for the arcgis for javascript api

Idea created by mping on Aug 26, 2014
    • WakePing
    • mping
    I should be able to plug my exportwebmap url and it should recognize the print templates I have setup already.

    Parameter: Layout_Template
           Data Type: GPString
           Display Name Layout Template
           Description: Either a name of a template from the list or the keyword MAP_ONLY. When MAP_ONLY is chosen or an empty string is passed in, the output map does not contain any page layout surroundings (for example title, legends, scale bar, and so forth)
           Direction: esriGPParameterDirectionInput
           Default Value:  GIS_A_Landscape
           Parameter Type: esriGPParameterTypeOptional
           Choice List: [ GIS_A_Landscape, GIS_A_Portrait, GIS_B_Landscape, GIS_B_Portrait, GIS_C_Landscape, GIS_C_Portrait, GIS_D_Landscape, GIS_D_Landscape_legend, GIS_D_Portrait, GIS_E_Landscape, GIS_E_Landscape_legend, GIS_E_Portrait, REV_A_Landscape, REV_A_Portrait, REV_B_Landscape, REV_B_Portrait, REV_C_Landscape, REV_C_Portrait, REV_D_Landscape, REV_D_Landscape_legend, REV_D_Portrait, REV_E_Landscape, REV_E_Landscape_legend, REV_E_Portrait, MAP_ONLY ]