Batch Thumbnail creation in Python

Idea created by Alexander2002 on Aug 26, 2014
    • DannyThompson
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    • Alexander2002
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    Please could ESRI create an easy to use python module/function (for 10.2.1 onwards) to auto generate the metadata thumbnail so that it can be iterated to process datasets in bulk? 

    The only way I see is to preview the geography of the dataset in ArcCatalog and then hit the thumbnail button.  I have recently created a python metadata tool which modifies metadata from a lookup table and the final thing I need is to generate a thumbnail to make it fully automated. 

    During large data management projects this is a required task to get the metadata to the standard requried.  I can't believe this is not already integrated into an arcpy function.  Perhaps it can be done in ArcObjects but I don't have the knowledge for that.

    Metadata is not much fun but I know we can make it less painful!